What does SERUMONY stand for?

Good hand hygiene is more in focus now than ever before. We believe that the environment and our common future deserve a more sustainable and environmentally sound choice in hand disinfection than what the market can offer today.
With SERUMONY we have created exactly that! A dispenser solution for hand disinfection that is manufactured according to sustainable principles, focuses on circular economy and has the consumer’s well-being and safety as a priority. We have wrapped this in an elegant, timeless, Nordic design that fits into the interior, as a quick and permanent part of our daily routines – every day, in any environment.

“It is amazing that you can create a sustainable product that sets a whole new standard for what hand disinfection contains and what it can look like.”

Linda Bolwig Huusmann, Founder

Short supply chain

Our main focus has been to create a solution with a timeless, touchless design that requires as little maintenance as possible while keeping the solution sustainable. SERUMONY is manufactured in Denmark with most of our suppliers within a radius of 30 kilometers from our head office in Skanderborg to make our supply chain as simple as possible. All of this is an effort to reduce our CO2 footprint and ensure that our suppliers live up to our social and environmental ideals. The mission is to move as much of the production as close to the market as possible.


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