What does sustainability mean for SERUMONY?

SERUMONY was created to give the world a new and better choice for hand disinfection. SERUMONY is a Danish company from Skanderborg and part of a group of companies with many years of experience within the personal care sector. We work with product development, innovation and branding of a wide range of products. SERUMONY is created in a desire to make honest products with the greatest possible environmental focus. Therefore, we produce all the necessary components ourselves to ensure that the supply chain remains short, agile and realize visions of delivering sustainable quality.

SERUMONY’s dedicated mission is to have the least possible impact on the environment – both by reducing CO2 footprints and by always making the most environmentally friendly choices in all elements of our production and operation – but also by ensuring that the products, when used by our customers, have the least possible impact on the environment. Therefore, we have high demands not only for ourselves, but also for our partners, who cooperate with us on an ongoing basis to improve our common environmental profile.


What is sustainability? We believe it is very individual from product to product, and therefore there is no definitive answer as to what sustainability is. This can make it difficult to see what a company really means when they say they are sustainable. For SERUMONY, sustainability is a journey. There is no destination for the journey – it is a life journey that never ends. The journey brings us through a constant development of sustainable initiatives, both within ourselves and together with our dedicated partners. We are proud of our products and our sustainable journey, and we love to tell you our story and about our sustainable journey. That is why, it is our desire to ensure a transparent communication about our sustainability and bring you along our journey.

Sustainability from start to finish

SERUMONY is created based on an ideology around sustainability with a desire to create a product where sustainability is thought of from start to finish. A product produced with the best intentions, where the environment is taken into account and with as little CO2 emissions as possible. A product where as few natural resources as possible are used, and where the products after the end of service do not become waste, but instead a resource for a new SERUMONY product or other products.Some of our initiatives to realize our ideology and contribute to an environmentally friendly profile include:

  • Transparent supply chain
  • As gentle a production as possible
  • Short distance between production and market = less CO2
  • Plastic components from local recycling
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Constant improvement of CSR program
  • C02-neutral production
  • Recycling of all the materials we can recycle

A sustainable collaboration

We are so pleased to have Anne on the journey.

Learn more about Anne

Sustainability is a way of life

Sustaina Wear Company is owned by Anne Blirup who has a dream of creating a community of companies in the fashion- and lifetyle industry where everyone helps each other to tackle the ever-increasing requirements we meet out there in regards to sustainability.

No one-man or one-company can take everything on at once, and they should not. Anne´s  most important lesson to teach you, is that the journey counts as well, but standstill is simply not an option (anymore).  Anne has always considered herself the Trojan Horse, who creates changes from within companies, rather that shouting at them from the outside.

Anne has been working with SERUMONY from the beginning, where we have had a close dialogue about everything from the materials, production and supply chain in the making of both our hand sanitizer formula and the actual dispenser. This has been to ensure the most sustainable product – causing as little impact on the environment as possible.

Sustainability is a journey

On a trip you often meet interesting people. We do the same on our journey. And we would like to meet many more! If you or your company have great ideas on how we can become even more sustainable or just want to talk about sustainability, we would love to hear from you!

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