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    SUSTAINABLE HAND SANITIZER – Does not have to be expensive

    With SERUMONY we want to show you that hand sanitizer dispensers can be environmentally friendly and do not have to look less attractive or go unnoticed. They do not have to leave you with an unpleasant experience like a bad smell, dry hands and the need to touch the dispenser.

    SERUMONY is about creating new healthy habits, where the dispenser is both effective, gives you moisture with organic Aloe Vera, organic glycerin and organic vitamin E and has a functional and aesthetic design.

    • 80 % ethanol
    • Refills of 1,000 ml
    • Organic Aloe Vera, glycerin, vitamin E
    • Allergy Certified
    • Up to 2.400 dosages per refill
    • The highest number of uses for any refill solution
    • Lower price per dose than most refill solutions
    • Refills can be recycled 100%
    • Competitive prices
    • Much less maintenance and less waste
    • 100 % developed and produced in Denmark
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Rechargeable battery – 15,000 dosages per charge
    • User friendly
    • Nordic design
    • Possible to customize
    • Sustainable packaging
    • Attractive exchange rates
    • When buying a minimum of 2 pcs. save up to 20%