Project Description


FRAMEHIOUSE is an office community located in Dragør, Sealand. Sustainability is a key factor to FRAMEHOUSE and constitutes the entire idea and development of FRAMEHOUSE. You will find sustainable solutions throughout the construction but also in terms of the usage of the office community.

Martin Kvist Madsen, owner and CEO, thinks that SERUMONY is elegant and simple which is very much aligned with the FRAMEHOUSE building, which appears simple and elegant as well. Therefore, SERUMONY is a great match for FRAMEHOUSE.

Martin also believes that Danish design tends to be very cool in general, so it is a great advantage to FRAMEHOUSE that SERUMONY is designed and produced in Denmark.

Despite having delivered hand sanitizer dispensers to FRAMEHOUSE, SERUMONY has also joined the office community. SERUMONY’s headquarter is located in Skanderborg, Jutland, however, we have customers all over the country, especially near Copenhagen. Therefore, we are extremely happy to have an office in Dragør in which we can invite customers to meetings. FRAMEHOUSE offers a pleasant working environment which is the best solution for our business.

At SERUMONY, transparency is highly appreciated and prioritized in all aspects of our business. Therefore, we have chosen FRAMEHOUSE as our Sealand-based office, and FRAMEHOUSE has chosen SERUMONY as their hand sanitizer dispenser. A match made in heaven!