Project Description

Noella Fashion

Now you can also find a SERUMONY dispenser at the Noella Fashion store in Aarhus. The staff is very excited about the dispenser, as it is a perfect match in terms of the surroundings and interior design of the store. We have replaced their old dispenser with a sustainable SERUMONY dispenser. Now, the hand sanitizer dispenser has become part of the store as well as the customers’ shopping experience in Noella.

SERUMONY fits very well into the Noella store as Noella and SERUMONY share the same values – Scandinavian minimalistic design, beautiful details, and excellent quality.

In the Noella store you will not find boring clothes. Therefore, their hand sanitizer dispenser cannot be boring either. They needed an attractive, inspiring, and sustainable hand sanitizer, which they have found in SERUMONY.