Project Description


We are proud of our wonderful collaboration with JOE & THE JUICE. SERUMONY has delivered hand sanitizer dispensers and paper dispensers to all their juice bars while living up to their instore decoration standards.

Mathias Nielsen, Director of Supply Chain at JOE & THE JUICE, has uttered why they specifically chose SERUMONY as their hand sanitizer dispenser. Design, sustainability, and usability were key factors.

Design means a lot to JOE & THE JUICE. Therefore, our hand sanitizer dispenser must have a cool design in order to fit in at our juice bars.” To visit JOE & THE JUICE must be a positive experience to the customer, and therefore, it would be a shame to make this experience less comfortable by having a hand sanitizer dispenser which is not aligned with the brand image of JOE & THE JUICE. SERUMONY lives up to their interior design as the dispenser contributes to the great customer experience, since the SERUMONY machine is well-developed while the hand sanitizer is Allergy Certified containing organic ingredients.

We value sustainability, wherefore we prefer sustainable solutions in every choice we make.” JOE & THE JUICE is following a sustainability strategy, and therefore they appreciate that SERUMONY is a sustainable brand and has become part of their strategy towards a more sustainable future.

Usability is an important factor. The dispenser must be easy to use to reduce general challenges and repairs.” The usability of the SERUMONY dispenser is extremely straightforward, and hence, we avoid repairs. In case the dispenser needs to be repaired, the electronic enclosure can easily be replaced. The same applies if the software needs an update.